Our range of products is designed to help the enterprise with effect analytics, reports, billing, and administrative solutions. Products can be licensed based on location or in a hosted environment.



At, Baysquare™ Technologies we specialize in providing strategic services and solutions globally to companies in the Telcom, Data Clearing, Retail, Media, Logistics, and Travel domain.



With our technology experience, We help transform enterprises by enhancing productivity, driving corporate performance, in the process of helping the organizations reinvent themselves amid increasing competition and the need to improve efficiency


RevSquare-Billing tool

Baysquare Technologies’ RevSquare billing is a centralized Billing, Prepaid, and Subscription solution that serves multiple Hotspots using the RADIUS protocol. RevSquare allows the service provider to sell one-time password access, produce and use prepaid vouchers, give commissions to affiliates and locations, allow roaming to and from home location, charge roaming partners and most importantly serve all Hotspots locations from a single server with centralized user management and centralized prepaid card management. Here are some of the key features of RevSquare:

  1. End-to-end prepaid management with an assignment, commissioning, with zero-leakage enforcement and mid-session disconnect.
  2. Subscription-based services including setup fees, recurring fees, usage fees, and bonuses.
  3. Affiliate system for location commissioning.
  4. Settlements
  5. Optional integration to Hotel PMS system (Fidelio)
  6. Optional same account Wi-Fi VoIP Billing


IntelliSquare Reports Features

1. Inbound Roamer Analysis
2. Outbound Roamer Analysis
3. Preferred Roaming Analysis
4. Directly with existing Warehouse
5. Packaged with the Baysquare RoamSquare platform


Monthly trends - National & International Roamer breakup:

1. Earned Revenues
2. Unique Visitors
3. Revenue per Visitor
4. Contribution to Total Revenue (%)

Monthly Receivable revenue trend for defined network grouping

1. Country wise
2. State wise
3. User defined

Baysquare Value Add

  • Proven Software modules
  • Single Web Interface for all products
  • Hosted in 3-tier architecture
  • Supports HP, IBM, and Oracle-based systems
  • Supports Linux OS

Loyalty Program Administration

Most operators of retail services around the world are experiencing phenomenal growth in the pre-paid/Online/Loyalty customer base. With the younger generation jumping on the wireless bandwagon and the consumers too joining the wireless fray, it is no strange result that the pre-paid/online/loyalty services are becoming the major revenue drivers. It also works in great favor of the operator as most of these transactions are complete before the service is initiated and hence no real bad-debt. However, along with this unprecedented growth comes the new set of challenges that the operators need to be aware of. Baysquare Technologies’ pre-paid /online/ loyalty administration solutions aim at precisely addressing these challenges that the operators face.

Most operators tend to have isolated systems to cater to the need for Pre-paid / online / loyalty operations in terms of creation, invoicing, managing customer info, provisioning services, and assigning promotions. Baysquare Technology’s administration solutions have a consolidated system that will support customer administration, service provisioning, account management, and mediation services integrating all the disparate sources in a proper and effective manner.

The Solution Addresses

  • User Management
  • Customer Administration
  • Service Provisioning
  • Usage Administration
  • Account Administration
  • Batch Processes
  • Account History

Customized Software Development

Baysquare™ Technologies specializes in working with our clients to develop business and database software that meets their needs, where off-the-shelf software can be unsuitable or inflexible.

With over 10 years experience, Baysquare™ Technologies’ has developed tailored software solutions for a variety of industries including telecom, data clearing, retail, media, and travel

Based on your specific requirements, a custom software solution can significantly increase productivity and decrease costs across your business operations.


RA Audit - QuickScan

Baysquare Technologies has developed a comprehensive Revenue Assurance Solution – BlueSquare™ RA Suite – which addresses the entire revenue chain. The RA solution encompasses the Process, Technology, and the Operations of the wireless operators’ environment. The solution aims at identifying the gaps in the processes and uses BlueSquare™ to identify the leakages in the revenue chain and upon analysis help, the operations team fixes those leakage areas. The endeavor for the solution is to deploy a parallel mechanism to the operators’ existing environment and probe at different points of failure for the reconciliation purpose.

Professional Services for IT & BSS

Baysquare™ Technologies has successfully managed a substantial number of projects at the client locations. With a combined experience of over 500 person-years in software development and project management, we are equipped to handle all the professional services needs of our customers and we are committed to working closely with our customers to meet the specific needs of our customers.


This service delivers specific results to the executive management and the operational leadership that allows them to view the required information precisely and more importantly at the desired frequency.

Data Analytics for OSS

This service utilizes Baysquare™ Technologies’ homegrown tools and products to capture a lot of inconsistent data, analyze the data and produce tangible results with graphical representations that help the operations team to identify and view the problem areas with accuracy and ease.

Executive Decision Support Systems (DSS)

This service utilizes Baysquare™ Technologies’ homegrown tools and products to capture a lot of inconsistent data, analyze the data and produce tangible results with graphical representations that help the executive team to identify and view the revenue leakage areas with accuracy and ease. These services can produce significant results in a relatively short timeframe with maximum impact on the operator’s revenues.

Managed Services

Outsourcing or Co-sourcing arrangements have become a commonplace scenario with most corporations around the world. With technology changing rapidly and ARPU dropping at an alarming clip, operators around the world are looking at innovative ways to protect their investments, increase revenues while controlling the costs. Baysquare Technologies’ managed services are targeted towards the customers who have a mature set of processes and looking at managing the core business while outsourcing the ancillary business functions.

  • RA Hosted solution
  • Roaming Operations Management

High Quality Standards

We are a 19-year-old IT software company offering Telecommunication software products and services for Telecom operators and Data clearing houses (DCH) across the globe. Today, the company boasts of two of the largest operators in the region as its prime customers as well as customers in the USA, Middle East, East Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

Educated & Experienced Team

Brilliant Team – We have a team that provides end to end application design, development, support services to Mobile Operators across the Globe Because all successful businesses are built on relationships. And qualities such as honesty, integrity, and trust are the fundamentals that help maintain relationships. Therefore, these qualities are vital within the workplace for effective organizational performance.

Modern Business Solutions

Baysquare™ Technologies has made progress by developing products and services in multiple areas specifically addressing the needs of the wireless communications industry and carving a niche for itself. We believe in workplace diversity. It helps the company deal with business challenges by enabling it to access new ways of thinking and perspectives.

Complex Solutions

Our experts round the world provide unparalleled information, deep industry insight, and analysis. They identify business opportunities and rethink business practices. And along the way, they deliver the diligence that goes into business decisions of any scale. We do our best to keep constant and effective contact with our business partners so that we are always aligned with similar goals and objectives.